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Winners of Pet Bottle & Masterminds National Championship

Recently, the school was represented by our students in various events & competitions at different levels. Our students have bagged multiple awards & accolades for their performance & hard work.

Prize Winners for Masterminds National Championship:

1. Shreya Sharma- Math Student League.
2. Akshara Modi- English Student League
3. Yashvi Shah- English Student League
4. Hrridayani Savla- Geography Challenge League
5. Muhammedaly Lakdawala- Geography Challenge League

Prize Winners for Collecting the Maximum Number of Pet Bottles in the last Academic Year 2017-18:

Junior Section:

1. Abdul Ahad Badra- Class 4E [1200 Bottles]
2. Mujtaba A. Rangwala- Class 3E [151 Bottles]
3. Altaf Manjnath- Class 2F [100 Bottles]

Senior Section:

1. Heet Dhiren Jain- Class 6A [800 Bottles]
2. Noor Mohammed- Class 5B [401 Bottles]
3. Moksh Bhimani- Class 9F [330 Bottles]


Cambridge Section:

1. Yug Daglia- Grade 5 [205 Bottles]
2. Jyotir Jain- Grade 10 [165 Bottles]
3. Kalash Jain- Grade 7 [100 Bottles]

Prizes for the Classes with Maximum Number of Pet Bottles Collected:

Junior School:
4E- 1700 Bottles

Senior School:
6A- 1995 Bottles

Cambridge Section:
Grade 5- 406 Bottles

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