The Four Houses

All cultural and sports activities in the school are conducted on an Inter-House basis, in an attempt to inculcate a healthy competitive spirit among the students: The four Houses are:

Barnes House:
Motto - Play The Game

It is named after Archdeacon George Barnes, the founder of the Bombay Education Society, who together with Mountstuart Elphinstone, laid the foundation stone. George Barnes was appointed the first Archdeacon of Bombay in 1815.

Heber House:
Motto - Never Despair

It is named after Bishop Heber. He was present when the foundation stone of the school was laid. He was a man of profound learning, a great lyricist, and wrote many Hymns. His statue was erected by the Chantry at Calcutta.

Malcolm House:
Motto - Strength Through Adversity

It is named after Sir John Malcolm, statesman, soldier and historian. He was Governor of Bombay in 1827, and President of the BES. It is to him we owe the establishment of the beautiful hill-station of Mahableshwar, in 1828. He negotiated important treaties with the Scindias and Holkars, after the Maratha War.

Willoughby House:
Motto - In God I Have Faith And Perseverance

It is named after Major Edward Willoughby, a gentleman keenly interested in the education of poor children, in his Presidency. He was a perfect gentleman, honourable and upright.