Inhouse counselling

In today's time, students face many complex challenges, ranging from peer pressure to academic duress and from increased competition to choosing a viable career option. Our proactive in-house counselling cell comprises of professionals, who aid students with their expertise. They employ their insight and knowledge to equip students with the requisite awareness and information needed to effectively tackle such issues.

To ascertain students needs.

To expedite the planning and implementation of proficient intervention strategies; tailored to suit the needs of a student.

To establish a competent nexus with leading professionals working for students welfare in the field of career guidance (For instance: Prafulta) and mental health (For instance Nair Hospital and Children).

To effectively coordinate with teachers and parents to ensure the coherent and comprehensive development of students.

To illuminate students about potential career options; complementary to their aptitude and capabilities.

To sensitize students, parents and teachers towards mental health issues and inculcate positive practices.

Our counselling services primarily cater
to the following three groups:




Nature of services

Individual counselling.

Group Counselling.

Informal educational assessment.

Educational intervention. (this is systematically planned and implemented with the teacher’s aid.)

Career Guidance. (Prafulta - Aptitude test partners).

Topical Workshops on topics discussed upon with teachers. (For instance : time management, decision making, professional skills, conflict resolution)

Value Education/ Life Skill classes.

Individual Counselling.

Parent Support Groups.

'Parent Corner' workshops on topics such as communication and career development.

Case discussions.

Topical/ Need based Workshops.