Mr. Ferdinand Bunyan

Christ Church School has been familiar territory for most of us Principals of Anglo Indian Schools in Maharashtra. We have always enjoyed our meetings hosted by the Late Mr Carl Laurie Hon. Secretary and treasurer of the Anglo Indian heads association Maharashtra.

Taking up the mantle of principal CCS with Mr Laurie’s blessings makes my role special.

It would be my endeavour to uphold the traditions, culture, ethos and values of this great institution and to ensure that this legacy is carried forth.

We also believe in holistic education which ensures that learners are exposed to a programme that will develop their mind, body and soul helping students become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged, ready to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world and capable of shaping a better world for the future. As a school for the future – we believe our children will be able to face our ever changing world thus helping them grow up to be global citizens with humanitarian values.

CCS will continue to grow keeping in mind the demands of a good education in a new world. Here the pressure to deliver has never dulled our passion to explore and chart new territory.


Receiving strength, I will arise

To show forth that above all else

The honor of my school I prize (x2)

Traditions long cherished; ideals here taught

Of love, truth and service, rewards e’er unsought

Are a trust so sacred that always I’ll strive

To build up a character which must keep alive.

This bright lamp - for ......


Great God of the universe, grant unto me

Thy strength in my weakness, a purpose set free

From fetters of selfishness, loyally fixed

To hand down to others tradition unmixed.

With alloy - so ......

Written by -

Mrs. Winifred Tate

First Headmistress of Christ Church School.

The Crest

From the College of Arms, London, we have obtained the following complete authentic description:

It is a combination of the crests of Archdeacon Barnes, our founder, on the left side, and that of his wife, who belonged to the Carnac family, on the right. On the left side is the green shield with the faces of three white leopards and on the right, four quarters alternately yellow and green with crossed swords, three, five-pointed stars and a crescent. The swords are in their natural steel colour with the points upward. The stars are green over the yellow quarters and green over the yellow. Similarly, the crescent is green and yellow. The bird is the white falcon with a golden beak and legs. It is standing on a green mount with six alternate twists of green and yellow underneath.

The motto Accepto Robore Surgam, in Latin, can be translated, "I shall arise with the strength I have received." This has a three-fold significance. In our school days and after, we rise to even greater heights, fortified with the strength of the body, mind and spirit which we have gained while in a school.

i)Inter-School Fests: The school participates in an array of Inter-School Feasts in the city of Mumbai besides hosting our very own fest-Rochak. Immaculata hosted by St Marys ICSE, We are the World hosted by the Rotract Club of HR College; Cascades hosted by Jamnabai Narsee School and Odyssey hosted by St. Gregories School. These fests are a blend of Literary Arts, Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Sports.

ii) Christ Church Idol on IntraSchool Solo Singing Contest.

iii) Spectrum: The Annual School Concert is a 3 day extravaganza of Drama, Dance and Music.

iv) Poems Come Alive: A Middle School Choral Recitation.